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My production is based mostly on the use of metal. I am fascinated by this material because of its properties and qualities. It can basically be up cycled for ever. Of course it has to change in order to continue its life, to be melted and reworked, but this is the beauty of the process. 


I try with my work to a have a small impact on the environment, that is why my jewels are made of recycled metals (gold and silver).  I am pursuing the purpose of zero waste, trying to use all the scraps linked to the production of jewelry.

I melt the filing to create the organic structure for the surface of my pieces.

Stones play an important role as well in my creations, I do care about their provenience. For this reason I mostly use synthetic diamonds (CVD/ HTHP), rubies and sapphires which do not involve human and environmental exploitation. 

due diamanti
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